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Big bag filling

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) with 1 to 4 loops, Octabins cartons and canisters are filled dust-free with a high weight accuracy using HAVER-technology inside a rugged frame.

Modular design and proven components are the technical solution for your product and packaging. The filling speed depends on the flow characteristics of your product. Our proven HAVER MEC® electronic weighing system reliably and precisely controls the weighing and filling processes.

Stable and well-filled

Rapid, reliable filling and a high packaging stability are the customer's requirements. We've got the technology for air removal and compaction by a vibrating unit. Whether it's air removal by a suction tube or product compaction through a vibrating unit, we'll test your product and find the optimum solution.

From silo to silo – mobile filling stations

Our filling technology for large packaging can also be made as a mobile filling station. The entire unit may be moved on wheels and docked under the desired silo. For cleaning between batches, the filling station is equipped with automatic water cleaning.

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